Our Company

Our Mission

Making Clean Cooking Fuel (LPG) Accessible and Affordable

Today, nearly half of the world’s population — approximately 3.8 billion people — do not have access to modern fuel.

PayGas has worked endlessly to ensure a solution is within reach for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our Difference

We are an energy tech start-up that distributes clean cooking fuel (LPG) at a retail.

By modernizing the traditional process of swapping empty bottles and reducing the cost of a full cylinder with refillable bottles, we have made the acquisition of LPG economical. Through cashless refilling stations and proprietary technology, our Pay As You Gas™ system accommodates customers, at any amount.  


By dispensing adjustable quantities, PayGas makes LPG budget-friendly, especially for low-income households.


The Pay As You Gas™ station is installed inside communities to enable customers with easy access to clean cooking fuel within walking distance from their residence.


PayGas understands that safety in handling LPG and cylinders is paramount, particularly for our clients and communities. Our safety standards and regulations inform end-to-end expertise that meet the industry’s highest standards.

Economic Inclusion

PayGas encourages the community’s economic inclusion by licensing local entrepreneurs to independently operate Pay As You Gas™ stations based on a profit-sharing scheme. 

Approved by Public Authorities

PayGas creates a safe and reliable LPG distribution environment by working closely with Municipalities, Regulators and Fire-Department partners to ensure our operations are certified before deployment.


PayGas partners with major gas distribution companies to make LPG available in bulk and at minimum costs.